We’re Artists And We’re Sensitive About Our Shit.

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KINDRD is a professional wellness brand launched in partnership with #blkcreative in 2018. The Black women led company is operated by it’s founders - Ashley Simpo, Melissa Kimble and Laura Providence.

The three of us sat together at a co-working space in Brooklyn and talked about our combined 35 years working in creative fields - as freelancers, full time employees and founders. What we realized was that there was a complex nuance to creating while melanated. The anxieties associated with the interview process, the over-awareness of stereotypes and power dynamics. We talked about how once you get the position you want, you then have to minimize yourself to fit into the corporate model. Whether it’s adding on a few extra titles without the extra pay or juggling an unhealthy balance between work and home. All the while our mental health slowly takes a backseat to our livelihood. Why is this normal?

KINDRD + #blkcreatives

We’re building an array of really cool resources just for Black creatives. Our job directory is updated twice a month and filled not only with positions that fly just under the radar but companies in search of a diverse team. We also offer diversity consultations for people managers and hiring professionals plus creative skill-building resources like portfolio review.

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“An interactive, multi-service creative company that will double as a job placement arm.”