Huffington Post: How To Raise A Kid Conference

Join Us!

My co-mother, Tia and I will be speaking on a break-out panel discussion at the Huffington Post HOW TO RAISE A KID conference on November 2nd. We’re so excited to join this group of panelists from all over including Jamila Souffrant, writer and host of the Journey To Launch podcast; 11-year old activist Naomi Wadler; and Beyond Baby Mamas founder, Stacia Brown.


About The Conference

Parenting is harder than ever, and there’s no one way to do it right. So on November 2, HuffPost Life will convene a community of people trying to figure it out together at our inaugural HuffPost Parents conference, HOW TO RAISE A KID. The event is geared towards moms and dads who survived the baby years and now have children who are starting to navigate the world on their own. You’ll connect with experts—psychologists, educators, social media pros, children’s authors, and some famous faces—who have a lot of answers. We’ll have freebies, pop-up shops, great food, and most importantly, you’ll be introduced to the kind of parents you’ve been looking to meet. Be sure to follow HuffPost Parents on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter, How Not To Raise A Jerk.


William Vale Hotel
111 N. 12th Street, Brooklyn


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