Motherhood In Focus: Myeesha Griffin

Via  Instagram

I often walk by moms on the street or sit near them on the bus or train and wonder what I think we all wonder - how does she do it? I wonder what she struggled with that morning before taking a deep breath and diving into her day. I wonder what she’ll go home to at night and if she’s supported and feels safe. I supposed some of my curiosity stems from being a writer and having a natural curiosity about, well, everything. But I think on some level we all just want to know how everyone deals.

The Motherhood In Focus series will be a weekly (hopefully) interview series in which we’ll get to know a new mom, how she thinks, deals and raises her children.

This week we hear from Myeesha Griffen, mother of one.

What is something you know now that you didn’t know before you had children?

I didn’t know that we’d need so much help. I would always hear people say, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  I know now that it’s not just some cliche African proverb being thrown around. I’m currently working on finding and building our tribe.

What was the last parenting-related text message you sent?

My closest friend of 24 years has 5 children and I have 1 toddler so I go to her often for parent related issues. Yesterday afternoon I sent her a text that read, “Why didn’t you tell me Zo will no longer be taking naps...WTF?!! He only slept for 30 minutes today!!! Hope you’re having a great day!”

How does motherhood change the way you work? Have your career opportunities multiplied or decreased?

I started consulting 3 years before I became a mom because I thought it would allow me time to be with my family once we decided to have children.  Since then, projects in my industry have slowed down and the pay-rates are significantly lower which has me considering full time work or a new career altogether. 

My opportunities have decreased because I’m unable to travel or work extended hours. The bright side to this is that motherhood is forcing me to find balance and alignment and I’m good with that because I want to encourage my son to do the same in his own life.

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